Monday, 21 April 2014

Final Freebie

Today is the final part of the kit i have been giving away for you all, i hope you all enjoyed yourselves yesterday and received some yummy chocolate

I have another new kit coming to my store at the end of the week and will be back with a sneak later in the week

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Freebie

Happy Easter!

The kids were super excited to get their wonderful treats this morning and i hope you all like what treat i have for you

todays part

I hope you all have a lovely day, there is only 1 more day to get my products at 25% 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Day 2 freebie

I went to the shops yesterday and if you hadn't brought any eggs you are in bi trouble, he shops had sold out and people were fighting for the ones that were left, it was mayhem i am so pleased i am already sorted :)
Now on to todays freebie

you can only get these until the end of the weekend, and don't forget i still have 25% off in my store.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter sale and 4 days of freebies

Easter is nearly here and i have some excited children waiting for the Easter Bunny to come, but before the big day I still have plenty of things to do and some exciting news to bring to you all.

Recently I had a OKC for a my new kit this week and I have just taken on some new members for my Creative Team, a couple of them a old friends of mine who have worked with my kits over many years, so I would like to welcome AnikA and Brandy back to my team and I have also taken on Tia and Yvette AKA Princessa, you will see  lot more layouts from them all 

Now on to this weeks new kit,Ii have been on a bit of  kick with designing at the minute and have really enjoyed creating this fresh and exciting new kit for you all - Spring Feeling

are you looking for inspiration, I have loads to show you with this kit

for  more detailed view of the images, please see my facebook page

This weekend I also have a sale in my store you get 25% off all weekend for everything in my store

and since it's easter and i can't give you all an egg, i though i would give you a freebie instead, there are 4 days worth of freebies all taken from this kit

today you can get this part

I hope you all like it, come back tomorrow to see what part is available

Monday, 14 April 2014

New kits and 15% coupon

I have a couple of new kits for you but since it has been the school holidays i have found it difficult to get onto the computer.

Firstly i have a great kit for any teen whos into skateboarding, scootering etc.

On the board

I have some great pages to show you

by Judith

by Katja

by Pippi Scrpippi

I also have another installment to my Simply 365 Kits, this month for April

by Judith

But i don't have any freebies for you this week, so hopefully you will all like this coupon for 15% off anything in my store valid until 18th April coupon code SaS_15ApriL

I will be back later in the week with some tempting new kits and some freebies

Friday, 21 March 2014

20% off this weeks new kit

I have a great new kit for you all today, thankfully it was already made before i hurt my finger.

Hopefully you will all like it

and if you aren't sure here are some beautiful page that have been created with it

by DoggiNo

by Judith

by Pippi Scrapippi

I also have a freebie for you all 

I will be back on Monday with another installment of Manic Monday

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Firstly I need to apologise for disappearing with no word, I have a broken finger which is interfering with everything I do. Hopefully as time allows and my finger becomes less painful I will be able to continue, but its a bit awkward when your first 2 fingers are taped together on my right hand, even holding a mouse is uncomfortable.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tempting Tuesday - March Fun

Tomorrow is $2 day at DSB, and i can tell you that my kit March Fun will be available for one day for only $2 

I have a little treat for you all as i have a quick page created from this kit to give you today.

you can download it here

Monday, 3 March 2014

Manic Monday - Arrows

Today i am taking a look at the use of arrows in layouts, i love arrows they can really emphasis what you want someone to look at, or just have a decorative elements on your page, there are so many different uses for them and arrows are big all over the place at the minute

Every kit i release there seems to be some arrows of some sort in them, strips, single arrows, tabs etc, you can see from the layouts below the multiple uses they have.

This has a single arrow pointing to they thing Chigirl want you to take notice of, the beautiful photo

Another one where you are drawn to the photo, but also a small use of a journaling note with arrows in it.

This i a great use of arrows keeping the movement over the page. 

This is a great use of arrow, keeping you focused on everything that is happening on the page.

Again using the arrows to draw you into the page and really emphasize the cute photo

The use of these arrows draw you into the photo you really need to look at in the layout, plus being used in the background to keep the flow over the layout.

I have plenty of template set that have arrows included in them

Template Fun - volume 3

Genius at Work

Template Fun

If you would like to have a go for yourself i have a set of templates for you 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Simply 365 - March

Its the beginning of the month, so i have another installment of my Simply 365 kit, hopefully this will bring you all the luck of the Irish.

I also would like to welcome Pippi Scrapippi  to my Creative Team, there is still time to apply if you would like to be included on my creative team.

Anyway, now on to this weeks kit

I have some beautiful page to show you

by DoggiNo

by Judith

by Pippi Scrapippi

I hope you all have  wonderful weekend i will be back on Monday to show you another way to use products within your kits

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

30% sale this week

30% off until the end of the month of everything in my store. 

Tomorrow is also $2 day, I will be adding Priceless Moments, 

This kit has been about for quite a while but i though i would give you another example of how to use it, these are my three unruly lot but they do take quite a good photo.

you can get this as a quick page here

Monday, 24 February 2014

Manic Monday - Banners

I'm starting to use my blog a bit more by helping everyone out with inspirational ideas to help you create those beautiful layouts.

Today i am going to be looking at banners, personally i find these one of the hardest items to use in a kit, but i do know some people can use them beautifully so i try to include them in my kits.

As you can see there are many uses for banners outside the digi world

There are plenty of different ways to use them on your page as you can see some from of the examples below.

Kit used - Happiness is

This cute little banner has been used to create the cluster in which the photo is tucked into

kit used - Garden Party

These aren't your usual banners but a string of lights instead,

kit used - you make me smile

This is a little flourish of a banner tucked into the flowers.

kit used - Our Family

The banner in this is tucked under the photo

kit used  - Happy Heart

Once again this has the banner tucked under the photo so you only get glimpses of it

kit used - March Fun

This is a way of making the banner stand out on your layout and really makes the photo stand out

As you can see there are many different ways to use banners, i think really i shouldn't be so scared and start using them a bit more on my pages.  If you are still scared there is a great set of templates that take the worry away for you.

if you are still unsure, i have a freebie for you

I have some more inspiring items to bring you over the week, but this is going to be a weekly thing so i hope you find it helpful