Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Freebie

Not long now until this house will go manic with all the new goodies that Father Christmas but we kick everything off with a early evening mass with a wonderful vicar who expresses Christmas in a way that is so wonderful that the children come out feeling peaceful and calm before the rush of tomorrow.

So while i am grabbing the quiet time i can and thought it was time to give something to you all,

This wonderful freebie is for all of you, i hope you all enjoy it, have a safe and fun Christmas and find lots of time for scrapping.

Monday, 21 December 2015

new releases, coming soon and a freebie to look out for

Haven't the weeks been flying by and Christmas isn't too long, do you have everything sorted out?
because i know i don't and every year i always say i wont be leaving it to the last minute and i always find that in the last week i am so rushed off my feet it is unbelievable, so before i get into the rush of things i though i would post a few things that have been in my store recently.

Because The DigiChick is new to me i am still finding my footings but i do know i love the Hatchery kits are released quarterly. You can find a great color scheme and all the designers work on the same colors to bring an inspiring combination that suites everyones tastes, and this months was no exception.

This whole bundle is available for the amazing price of $10.00 it has a selection everyone can build from and get some wonderful layouts from.

You can also purchase each item individually at $2.00 each and their are 8 pieces in the set.

I have also just released a sweet snowy kit perfect for the cold month ahead

I have one final kit to come before the and of the year, and this will help you look back at the favorites moments throughout the past year while looking on to the coming year of whats to come.

I will also a Christmas freebie for you coming later this week.