Thursday, 1 November 2007

50% SALE

Yes you did read the header right, Bits 2 Kits is having a really big sale this is all to do with the revamp we have been giving it.  Everyone has been working really hard either designing for this sale or even re-designing the store (once again)

There are lots of things happening this month firstly we have had some new designers join us Christy Skagg aka scrappintwins you can see her work here we also have Elizabeth Blust aka pillowgirl and her work can be seen here there are 
also some other designers who are due to put their work into the store this month as well so you will
have to keep an eye out for them.

Back to the sale we have lots of new kits that have all got 50% off, there are grab bags bot commercial and non commercial, at really low prices, there are some challenges going on in the forum and also if you spend more than $10 you will get this months new mega kit for free.  

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