Sunday, 8 June 2008

Does anyone want some templates?

I had a request a while ago for some more of my templates, so that is what i did. My latest ones are in the store now and in total i have 6 of them. They all have 25% off for the first week but they are only $4 to start with.

These are the best templates for everyone, evenrything you see in the preview are included. They can be used as normal templates add your own elements to them, you can just change the color on everything on them to create a lovely quick page in an instant or you can add your own color and some extras to customise them. These are so versitile you will keep using them over and over. And another great thing the are all for Commercial Use.

firstly i have a set of 8x8's

I have my 3rd set of bracket templates, these have a running theme of flowers and butterflies.

I have my 2nd set of CD templates,

I have a set of heart templates

My 1st set of key plate templates

and finally my 2nd set of luggage tag templates.

As you can see i have quite a few and there are even more to come.

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