Friday, 2 November 2012

DSD Sales, new kits, retirement and freebies

Wow I have been super busy these past few weeks getting everything ready for DSD and finally all my new products are in their stores. 

A little extra bonus, both my stores have 40% off this weekend giving you some great savings.

Now onto my new products, there are quite a few so this post will be long.

November PU Grab Bag

some inspiration for you

I also have a $2 Pu grab bag for you all, this has 3 brand new products in it 

and to give you some idea of what can be created with it

for those of you who are looking for CU products i have my brand new November CU Grab Bag, with 5 brand new products

and if you haven't tried my CU products before here, is a $2 grab bag for you with 3 new products in it.

the $2 bags will only be available for 1 week so if you want them you need to be quick.

I am also having a tidy up of me store and have bundled up some of my older products and offering them to you at a super low price.

And finally what you have all been waiting for some freebies.

Firstly, this is my part from a freebie set from Bits2Kits, you can find another part of this here

I also have a full kit freebie, this has been split between here, my newsletter and my Facebook page, my newsletter will be going out later today with a duplicate one on Sunday so if you really don't want to miss out now is the time to subscribe the link is at the top of my blog.

download expired

you do need both parts.

I do have some quick page freebies as well, i will post these up tomorrow. 

I hope you all have fun shopping, i know i am certainly going to be looking around the stores.


Karen said...

Happy iDSD! Wow, what great freebies you are offering. Thank you. I am crossing my fingers I didn't miss your newsletter for the last part of the You Make Me Smile kit. I just signed up, although it's 4pm Sunday where I am, but I'm hoping you're a bit behind me!

lizanne said...

I signed up for your newsletter (confirmed it @ 9:42 am EST this morning), but I haven't received your newsletter yet... I hope it's just running late so I don't miss that last piece of You Make Me Smile - it's real cute!