Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas and 70% sale

Merry Christmas everyone. I know it has been a while since i have updated but i can assure you that i will be back in the new year with some great new kits for you all. I also have to say that Bits2Kits is shutting down, not many people know but i have owed the store from the beginning, so letting my baby go is hard, but after some major thinking time i finally decided it was the right thing to do. You will find all the products in the store have 70% off from now until the new year when it finally shuts for the last time. The designers in the store all have stores to go to so you will still see us all around this is your only chance to get your hands on these products which are still being sold at others stores at full price. www.bits2kits.com

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