Friday, 20 December 2013

Project 365 and lots of freebies

Well i am back up and running, not on full steam but back all the same. I have to be thankful to my wonderful son who has lent me his computer until i can get mine sorted out, so i have some great new products for you and lots and lots of freebies.

Firstly me new kit, this is going to see you through you 365 project for the whole of next year. There is a wonderful base kit and each month i am going to bring an additional piece out which will work with the month.

Simply 365 - kit

I also have lots of additional paper packs

I also have some Word snips

a set of journaling cards

and a set of templates

and to start you all off in the right direction of the New Year, January's kit

I only got this kit to my girls on Wednesday so i have 1 beautiful layout to show you, but i will have more for you over the weekend.

by Chigirl

and if you want a fantastic saving you can get the whole of the basic set for only $15 in my bundle

Now as i promised you all, i have a few freebies for you, these all coordinate with this new kit,

Photo Calender


Journaling Photos

New Year Journaling

I also would like to ask Kimberly Goodman to contact me again, i have lost my emails but can pick up new ones that are sent to me sas (at) excalibursplace (dot) com

I hope you all have a good weekend i still have a few more surprises for you all before Christmas


MonkingsMusings said...

Thank you! for the goodies and I will be sending you another e-mail.

Lisa said...

So nice if your son to loan you a computer. The new kit is very pretty. Thanks for the goodies and have a great weekend.

Christine said...

Wow! you really have come back with a vengeance! The new kit is gorgeous and so full of lovely extras. How kind of your son to loan you his computer! A big Thank You for all of today's great goodies!

SiskiyouSue said...

The colors in your kit are gorgeous, bright and vibrant while slightly subdued. Very lovely.
Thanks for the freebies! Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

lovely freebies :-)

Stacey said...

thank you so much for the wonderful gifts!

clara said...

thanks so much!
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year