Monday, 24 February 2014

Manic Monday - Banners

I'm starting to use my blog a bit more by helping everyone out with inspirational ideas to help you create those beautiful layouts.

Today i am going to be looking at banners, personally i find these one of the hardest items to use in a kit, but i do know some people can use them beautifully so i try to include them in my kits.

As you can see there are many uses for banners outside the digi world

There are plenty of different ways to use them on your page as you can see some from of the examples below.

Kit used - Happiness is

This cute little banner has been used to create the cluster in which the photo is tucked into

kit used - Garden Party

These aren't your usual banners but a string of lights instead,

kit used - you make me smile

This is a little flourish of a banner tucked into the flowers.

kit used - Our Family

The banner in this is tucked under the photo

kit used  - Happy Heart

Once again this has the banner tucked under the photo so you only get glimpses of it

kit used - March Fun

This is a way of making the banner stand out on your layout and really makes the photo stand out

As you can see there are many different ways to use banners, i think really i shouldn't be so scared and start using them a bit more on my pages.  If you are still scared there is a great set of templates that take the worry away for you.

if you are still unsure, i have a freebie for you

I have some more inspiring items to bring you over the week, but this is going to be a weekly thing so i hope you find it helpful


Pam K said...

I love banners but have a hard time deciding where to place them other than at the top of the LO as in your last example (like hanging them on a wall!). Thanks for sharing the LO ideas; I especially like the second LO - great inspiration. & thank you for the template!

sas-uk said...

I am so pleased you like it and i can help, i have many more ideas to come :)