Monday, 3 March 2014

Manic Monday - Arrows

Today i am taking a look at the use of arrows in layouts, i love arrows they can really emphasis what you want someone to look at, or just have a decorative elements on your page, there are so many different uses for them and arrows are big all over the place at the minute

Every kit i release there seems to be some arrows of some sort in them, strips, single arrows, tabs etc, you can see from the layouts below the multiple uses they have.

This has a single arrow pointing to they thing Chigirl want you to take notice of, the beautiful photo

Another one where you are drawn to the photo, but also a small use of a journaling note with arrows in it.

This i a great use of arrows keeping the movement over the page. 

This is a great use of arrow, keeping you focused on everything that is happening on the page.

Again using the arrows to draw you into the page and really emphasize the cute photo

The use of these arrows draw you into the photo you really need to look at in the layout, plus being used in the background to keep the flow over the layout.

I have plenty of template set that have arrows included in them

Template Fun - volume 3

Genius at Work

Template Fun

If you would like to have a go for yourself i have a set of templates for you 

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