Thursday, 15 May 2008

50% off Sale

I have to let you all know about the sale we have starting in the store.

For the rest of the month, every designer's entire store will be 50% off for three days each. There will be an overlaping store on the third day so you can get 50% off two stores on those days.

Here is the list of sale dates.

Christy ~ ScrappinTwins 15th - 18th

Sarah ~ SAS Designs 17th - 20th

Sherry ~ SherrysScraps 19th - 22nd

Becky 21st - 24th

Izzy ~ Crisdam Designs 23rd - 26th

Nicolina ~ Green Elephant Designs 25th - 28th

Chris ~ Heavenly Scraps 27th - 30th

Christy is having her sale today and i will be overlapping her in a couple of days.

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