Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lots going on

I have been so busy i havent had time to update this little blog, so this post once again might go on for some time.

We have had a total server crash over at bits 2 kits and our lovely hosts deleated our whole store, everything is back and working now hopefully, but there is more information on the main page of the store.

Lots of new products

I have been really busy and have lots of new products in the store for you all. These all have 25% off for there 1st week.

Firstly i have a brand new kit this is a lovely bracket album kit, included is everything you need to make some stunning bracket pages. All you need to do is scrap you pages as normal, add a few photos and print them out. If you can purchase some of the basic grey bracket pages you can stick them straight to it or just glue them to some cardboard and you are away.

I had so much fun making this kit i also have an add on pack to go with it. Everything in this set are aimed more for a male layout.

Not quite certain, well here is a couple of quick page freebies for you. These have been made using the bracket album kit and the addon set. You can get this freebie here

I also have lots of templates in the store at the minute, but these aren't like the ordinary templates becuase i have included lots of elements on each page, so you have frames, stitches, flowers, ribbons all you need to do is add your own color, or more elements if you wish. These are all commerial use.

I have a set of bracket templates.

A set of luggage tag templates, these are the perfect size for the basic grey luggage tag chipboard album

I have a set of cd templates

And another set of bracket templates. These are all $4 but for 1 week only you can get them for $3.

These are all available from bits 2 kits

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