Friday, 16 September 2011

silly faces

Do you have photos of loved ones that are absolutely beautiful but their eyes are shut, or their tongue is sticking out.  I have found the solution make it as if you took the photo specifically to show how silly they can be, then jazz up your page with some of the funny faces you find in this kit.

You’re So Silly


And there are also an additional set of stacked cluster to add extra fun to your page.


and now to show some of the silly face my girls have been hiding away.

                                                                                               by Dita

                                                                                        by DoggiNo

                                                                                    by DoggiNo

                                                                                   by Miss Kait

                                                                                          by M’Lee

                                                                                    by Morgane

                                                                     by Ruebchensmum

                                                                      by Ruebchensmum

                                                                                               by Sus

and my three are always making silly faces but i haven’t had anytime to make pages but i will.
I also need to choose a winner for my timeless funk bundle

the first person is ……………..

tragic clown said...
I'm so glad to have found your blog. I'm just starting out with scrapbooking and am grateful for the awesome freebies and pages - they're a fantastic source of inspiration. thank you for the gorgeous cluster

 RIZ0619 said...

Cool kit. Love the colors and style. I would love to use them in my nephew's birthday photos!
congratulations to the both of you, if you shoot me an email to sas @ excalibursplace {dot} com i will get some coupons sorted out for you.

oh and before i go Bits2Kits has its $2 weekend specials and you can get your hands on 3 of my products for only $2, i will show you what is for offer tomorrow but if you can’t wait go and check them out now.

Have a lovely Friday.


tragic clown said...

gorgeous new kit! I love the colours and the smiley faces! the team layouts are stunning. I like how the kit can be used for both simple and complex pages.

sas-uk said...

thank you, i do have a fantastic team who can show lots of different uses for my kits